If a person makes a claim that there is Sasquatch or Big Foot living anywhere, usually the heavy burden of proof rests on their shoulders. Aside from consistently blurry photos and hoaxes, nothing has ever really come of searches for the mythical beast. That doesn't stop a lot of people from looking.

Do people really believe there are Sasquatch living in the Texas panhandle? YouTube says yes.

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Strange Creatures Living In The Texas Panhandle

I don't mean we, the people. There are all kinds of legends and bits of folklore floating about regarding mysterious monsters and strange creatures living in the panhandle. We've even made national news in recent history because of some strange animal-like creature that was caught on camera at the Amarillo Zoo (you can't convince me it wasn't someone in a Furry costume).

Oddly enough, we have several stories about Sasquatch living in our neck of the woods. From Palo Duro Canyon, to Hemphill County; there are several supposed sightings of the world's most famous cryptid in the Texas panhandle.

Still Skeptical Of Squatch In The Texas Panhandle

You would think in the age we live in that if someone saw Big Foot, they'd snap a photo of it. We carry phones with us everywhere we go; and the bounty on a clear photo of Sasquatch has to be getting up there. Surely, someone has some footage.


I found a YouTube channel that I thought was going to show me something interesting. I thought maybe there would be another fuzzy photo to ponder. Instead, I just got a slow narration of someone's supposed sighting. It's a little like someone saying that a friend of a friend told them something, and they're expecting you to believe it.

Oh, and they spent some time driving in the rain. No Squatch, just a nice little drive. It's like ASMR for people who like spooky crap.

Then, I came across a channel that was actually going out on hunts. This surely had to be better than watching someone drive through the rain and slowly narrate a less than interesting story.

Not really. There is an incredibly out of focus of the moon though.

Okay, so that video is obviously parody and it gives me a righteous case of the giggle fits once or twice. The expert dissection of Squatch droppings had me in stitches.

Joking aside, there are a lot of resources and stories out there of Big Foot and Sasquatch being in the Texas panhandle. I just don't know that I'm willing to buy into any of it just yet.

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