I have tried the "cutting out" breads thing and I've been pretty successful. I know that I can grab romaine lettuce and use those as my bread or my tortillas. Try them if you haven't. I also recently discovered the magic of butter lettuce. It's another great one to use in place of bread or tortillas. Less calories, of course....and no carbs. It's a win in my book.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

What if you just have to have bread? What are the healthiest ones? Look for whole grain or whole wheat bread. Make sure you see grab the one that says either "100% whole wheat or whole grain". If you don't see the 100% then there is no telling how much they actually contain. They could end up having very little.

Next you can look for either Rye or sourdough breads. Those, or any healthy breads, are good because it takes longer to digest. That means that you will actually be fuller longer! You will stay away from grabbing chips or a cookie after lunch. If you go for sourdough do make sure that it is whole-grain sourdough.

If you spot multigrain bread on the shelf that's close enough. Again make sure it says "100% mulit-grain bread". You may also look at the ingredients. If whole-grain flour is the first listed you are OK.

The breads you really want to avoid are white bread, bagels, any kind of flour tortillas and brioche. Those are the breads everyone loves but there are no health benefits at all to them. They have too many carbs and sugars. So run far far away from those.

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