We seem to all have one of those weird foods we ate growing up that were GREAT! Now looking back it kind of seems weird.

Take into consideration this gem from my old neighborhood in Chicago. I had to ask my best friend from long ago....I wasn't sure if this was a real food...or something I made up.

I just remembered it was called gravy bread. Yep....and it's basically Italian Bread soaked....and depending on where you are....it could be soaked in two separate sauces.

The one I grew up eating was the red gravy bread....which is soaked in marinara sauce. The other....I found out later....while I was visiting this past summer. I ordered gravy bread and it turns out there was a second kind. The brown gravy bread...and it's soaked in (you guessed it) brown gravy....like an au jus.

Now looking back....yes it tastes yummy....but soggy bread? It's kind of weird. But I had both while I was visiting this summer....and yes still good. It still seems weird though...I am paying for soggy bread!

What weird foods do you remember that you loved growing up?

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