Here we are at the summer months. The kids are out of school. The parent's are thinking about family vacations. I love taking a summer vacation. Who doesn't?

Usually my trips consist of me flying to Phoenix to see my mom, sister and her family, and aunt and uncle. It's a relaxing time. I hang out at the pool and do a lot of shopping.

Let's face in Phoenix is so much better than here. It just is. Last summer I flew home with my mom to Chicago. I hadn't been there since 1991. I was due. So I didn't get my normal shopping and relaxing trip. I was on the go most of the time.

Visiting my old friends from school and "the neighborhood" and visiting family I hadn't seen in years. This year I decided on the Phoenix trip because not only the shopping. I also wanted to get a Keratin treatment on my hair. It's like a Brazilian Blowout but it is just not.

So I made my plans to go so I could relax and get my hair done. Oh and shop. Never in a million years did I expect what happened next. I was booking my airline tickets and I happened to send my daughter a text. I asked if she wanted to go to Phoenix with me this year.

I always ask her to go but she never does. She either can't get off work or has a trip planned with friends. Did I ever think she would say yes? She did. So oh my goodness I am so excited.

I do know that now the cost of this trip has gone WAY up. I mean all the shopping I did previously was a lot for her too. I would take pics of stuff and send to see if she likes. Now she will be right there. So I feel this is going to kill me. It will still be fun and I can't wait.

Oh and she is getting a Keratin Treatment too. So yep this is going to cost me. Oh but I will have the best time with my family.

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