I don't want to seem like a broken record. Or maybe really I do. I don't understand why this has to be such a big deal. McDonald's in this time of uncertainty help us out.

The thing I love the most about being out of town is getting to try new food. I tried a really great pizza place called Lizzano's. I got to eat at Jack in the Box oh and even Grandy's. I ate great Thai.

The thing I really look forward to is eating at McDonald's. I know I said it. I can eat McDonald's all the way from Amarillo until I make it to Dallas. I just know when I get to Dallas I can get the one sauce I crave. The only sauce I love there. I feel Amarillo needs to pull their heads out of their.......

Bring back the Hot Mustard.

credit: Melissa Bartlett
credit: Melissa Bartlett

HERE is my first plea. I even tried  Oh and I asked for THIS for my Christmas gift.

For all the love in the world. Just give me this one solid. If not really I feel there will be many more posts begging for this. I can get this awesome sauce in Phoenix....in Chicago and in Dallas....oh and don't forget the one city that was the first to let me know how behind Amarillo was. Yep, Abilene.

So why is this sauce kept away from so many that love it? Every time I ask the question I get many people who feel the same as I do. Wake up Amarillo. We don't have to be behind everyone.

Bring back the Hot Mustard McDonald's in Amarillo.


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