There are a few things in life I don't of them being ketchup. So when I go to McDonald's I DO NOT use ketchup on my fries.

I have over the years grown to love McDonald's Hot Mustard. Yum! Such a delicious sauce for my french fries!

Imagine my surprise when my daughter asked me to pick up food for us one day from McDonald's and I asked for some. I was answered with "We do not have that sauce anymore!" What?

How did that happen? So then I just assumed that on the National level McDonald's discontinued my favorite sauce! So I took to Facebook like you do in a crisis. I was assured that at least the Abilene McDonald's still carried it!

What Amarillo? How can you forsake me like that? I loathe ketchup! I really do! But if Abilene has it still....I am assuming other cities do to....and that makes me sad!

Imagine my surprise when one day at work I received a package in the mail. I had no clue what it could possibly be. So the happiness when my friend, Trav, in Abilene sent me a few of the Hot Mustard Sauces that he got at HIS local McDonald's.

I am hiding those in my desk for my next McDonald's Emergency....but I am really hoping that one day McDonald's here in Amarillo will see the error of their ways!

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