McDonald’s in Amarillo really has the power. They are not using it to their benefit. At all!

I complained earlier about the McDonald’s in Amarillo not carrying their Hot Mustard sauce anymore. It was the only one I liked.

I can’t get behind any other one. No to to sweet and sour....heck to the no when it comes to ketchup.

I just decided to not go and get their awesome fries anymore. I mean I need something to dip my fries in.

My daughter and I ended up heading out of Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix over the weekend. We wanted to grab a quick meal.

Not many fast restaurants to choose from but we saw if we made it down to the B gates at least there was a McDonald's.

So we headed that way. It was a bit of a journey. I talked about getting the 2 cheeseburger meal but who was I kidding?

I grabbed the Big Mac Meal. If I’m going to go. I’m going with that. She got her usual chicken nugget meal.

That is when I saw it! In there bins of sauces there was in fact Hot Mustard. Who would have thought it. In the airport in Phoenix!

So I grabbed a couple and she did too. So I still don’t get it Amarillo!!

Why can you not bring us back this sauce? I would so visit more often. Again I get it! Either they all serve the same sauces or not. Don’t make me have to travel (or go on amazon) to get the sauce I love! I have looked and Amazon does carry the sauce. So does Ebay!

Why can't we just bring it back to the Amarillo McDonald's?


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