I am a fan of McDonald's hot mustard. I don't like ketchup so I use it for my fries. One day I went and ordered my regular Big Mac Meal and wanted hot mustard and I was told they don't carry it anymore.

I was crushed. So that started the long run of having to smuggle it into our city. I had a friend send me some from Abilene. Then when my daughter moved to Dallas that was one thing I asked for every Christmas. I asked her to just go to McDonald's and grab me a ton. I wanted to still be able to dip my fries.

I would keep some in my glove box. Why did you take it away from me?

I Finally Received Some Good News

Hot mustard was again spotted in Amarillo. That news came in through Facebook messenger. So I messaged a friend of mine who worked in their corporate office here in Amarillo. Yes, it was true.

What Was the Down Side to This News?

Only certain area McDonald's carry the sauce? Why? Why select ones? It was even a bigger kick me when I am down moment to find out the one I visit the most doesn't have my sauce. So I have to plan out my trips.

This is frustrating. Please for the love of all that is holy bring hot mustard to all the area McDonald's. I really do beg of you. Right now I have only been able to find it at the McDonald's on Coulter, Teckla and Canyon.

My daughter went to the one I frequent the most. The one on I40 and Western. She called me and said "Oh yeah they don't have hot mustard here?" I had to tell her sadly they do not.

Please help me out and make my trips for lunch or dinner easier. Please let all McDonald's have the same menu.

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