This has been an ongoing issue for me. I love McDonald's french fries. I do not like ketchup. I have a favorite sauce at every place I go to for my fries. My favorite at McDonald's has always been the Hot Mustard.

Oh my goodness. So I went one time when my daughter was in town and asked for the sauce with my fries. The answer? They didn't have it anymore. What? I went to Facebook and realized it was not something that they got rid of across the board. I had a friend who mailed me some from Abilene.

I have been in the Phoenix, AZ, airport and was able to get it. My daughter gave me some for Christmas from a McDonald's in Dallas. So it was just the locations in Amarillo. I was crushed. I have noticed every time I wrote about the lack of Hot Mustard in Amarillo I would always get others who agreed with me. It has a following.

Yesterday I got this message here at the station. Oh and it made me happy!

credit: Mix 941 Facebook Messenger
credit: Mix 941 Facebook Messenger

The message came from Victoria who knew my love/hate relationship with the sauce being missing in action from the Amarillo McDonald's. So word is that the McDonald's on Teckla has the Hot Mustard. I am now going to have to scope this out. Is it just that location? Did they bring in back to our area?

What is the scoop. Has it been spotted anywhere else? Where can I find Hot Mustard here in Amarillo. The Teckla location, yes. Where else? I do feel a rather big victory here. The more locations the better! Thank you McDonald's keep the Hot Mustard flowing. I sent a message to a friend who works for them in the office. She said that the Coulter and Canyon locations have it too. So the news is getting better all the time.


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