McDonald’s has jumped on the bandwagon following Wendy’s return of their popular spicy chicken nuggets by rolling out their version September 16. It’s the first time McDonald’s has offered a new McNugget flavor since 1983.

The new Spicy McNuggets are breaded with a tempura coating that includes cayenne and chili peppers to give them an extra kick compared to their original nugget, according to a statement from the company. The new McNugget also calls for a new dipping sauce.

“Mighty Hot Sauce,” McDonalds’ first new sauce since 2017, is being offered as the condiment for the Spicy McNuggets. The sauce comes with a blend of chili peppers and is being billed as “the hottest one available at McDonald’s.”


Additionally added to the menu McDonald’s is debuting a new McFlurry (if the machine is working) The Chips Ahoy McFlurry. The new ice cream treat also shows up on September 16.

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