I am here to help fast food and local restaurants save money. I know it seems like it is not a big waste of money but think about how many people visit a restaurant and take out food. It adds up. FAST.

If I go through the drive thru or take food to go....ask me if I want any sauces with my food. I mean if I ask for an order of fries....even if it is a large order...I promise you I do not need this. Ever.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

I mean even if I liked ketchup I promise you I do not need that much on my fries. I really don't. Oh, and since I don't like it at all....well that is just a waste. Now I know I didn't specifically ask for no ketchup. Yes, that was my fault. I was more worried about making sure they didn't slather my burger with mayonnaise either. That would have been a bigger disaster.

So maybe if restaurants remembered to ask if they needed any ketchup or sauce it would really cut down on the waste. I know that had I gone in when I realized that they gave me THIRTEEN bags of ketchup.....I could have returned them. I also know more than likely the employee would have just thrown them out. They don't know that I didn't mess with them. That is just how the world has to be now. Really though, 13 bags is overkill.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

I'm not trying to be ungrateful. I just really don't like ketchup. How about if you promise to try to start asking if people want any sauce or ketchup with their order....I will also promise to try to remember to say "no ketchup". It's a win win situation. How does that sound?