It's been several years since I have actually thought about this. Being able to solve this mystery over the Christmas break made me happier than I could even express. There are things your kid says that you don't know where it came from. Has this happened to you?

My daughter, when she was 3, came home after spending time in Phoenix with her cousins. When she got home she would sing this song. I had no idea what she was singing. I had no idea what she was talking about. It drove me crazy. This was way before you could Google and get your answer.

So this has been a mystery. I called my mom and asked about it. I told her the words that she was singing. My mom had no idea. I asked Faith's cousin Hope. Now mind you she wasn't much older so probably as much help as my daughter was.

She was singing a song. I never knew what it was. I even got her on video singing it. I knew one day this would come in handy.

I feel like this was a song that I should know. I just had no idea and it drove me crazy.

My Christmas Miracle After Twenty Years

I spent a couple weeks being a Mimi in Dallas with my daughter and granddaughter. While Faith is cleaning up she will put on Miss Rachel. Someone that Laila loves to hear songs from on Youtube.

My daughter blasted it on her tv. I heard a song. I heard lyrics that brought me back to 1999. I hollered at my daughter about the song I heard. I couldn't believe that this was the song my daughter would sing when she was three. It brought me back to those days.

Faith was like "oh yeah that is Down By The Bay." Oh ok.....not a song I was familiar at all with back in 1999 when Faith was three. I still really didn't even know it that day. I was just so relieved to know I wasn't crazy.

So it is a nursery rhyme. Wow. I didn't know. I do feel vindicated that I wasn't crazy. I called my mom and told her. She told me that "oh yeah I could have told you that." and I had to remind her that wasn't true. I asked and asked her back then and she had no idea.

Wow. OK. I will now sing this song forever with Laila. Thank you Faith for introducing it to me over twenty years ago even though I am sure Faith didn't understand how happy figuring this out made me.

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