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Whether you want to just take a trip down memory lane with me or maybe judge me a little. I'm OK with that. I will let you in a little and see and hear some of my favorite songs from the 1980's.

Most of this time I was growing up in the city of Chicago so some of these songs remind me of that simpler time. Some may be from a movie I loved from that time. These all hold a special place in my life for one reason or another.


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    In Your Eyes - Peter Gabriel

    I can NOT have any 80's music list without this song. It is and ALWAYS will be my most favorite song. I loved the movie "Say Anything". I wanted to meet my Lloyd Dobbler. This song would have to do. I even had it played that one time I got married. THIS is MY song.

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    Opposites Attract - Paula Abdul

    THIS was just a fun song. Oh, and the video of Paula dancing with the cat. Loved it. I got to introduce my daughter to this song back in the day when Paula Abdul was on American Idol.

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    Wild Wild West - Escape Club

    Remember when we were "heading for the 90's living in the 80's?" Wow! That seems just like yesterday. Just living in the Wild Wild West. THIS song from 1988 got us ready for the 1990's.

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    Faith - George Michael

    My daughter may not talk to me ever again if I didn't add this song. The first time I heard it I was in PE at Canyon Junior High. We had to pick a song and our groups had to do a pyramid routine. One group came out to this song. I fell in love with it and eventually named my child THIS. She used to hate when I played it....that was until her middle schools friends discovered it and would play and sing it for her. Then she thought it was pretty cool.

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    Make Me Lose Control - Eric Carmen

    I don't know about you but I spent many days out at the city swimming pool. My sister and I hung out at Southwest Park Swimming Pool and they would have the radio playing overhead. Every time I hear THIS song I remember being out at the pool and that cute lifeguard.

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    Into The Groove - Madonna

    This song reminds me of my 6th grade year at St. Lucy's (Santa Lucia) school. The school closed down this past summer so every time I hear THIS one I remember dancing down the hall with my friend Lisa. Going to Catholic school in Chicago we all loved Madonna.

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    West End Girls - Pet Shop Boys

    There I was sitting in Mrs Hagemyer's Art Class at Canyon Junior High. I just moved to Texas and I got to sit next to the cute boy Mark. THIS song always reminds me of that time. I think we got to listen to music one day when we learning how to shade pictures for perception. I don't know.

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    Jam On It - Newcleus

    I spent A LOT of time at a record store in Chicago on Halsted Street. So much time that the owner made me a mix tape once to introduce me to new music. THIS had to be one of the first rap songs I really listened to. As an 11 year old I really loved it.

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    Method of Modern Love

    I was in the 6th grade in Chicago and my best friend Patty and I decided to compete in a Lip Sync contest. That was popular back then. We chose THIS song. I was Hall and she was Oates. We practiced forever and even finished in 2nd. We still talk about how cool we were.

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