The news came as a shock. Supposedly, one of my favorite fast-food chains in the country stopped serving one of their staples. Along with breakfast burritos, burgers, slushes, and pretty good fries was the gravy Sonic used to sell as a part of their chicken strip basket. That gravy is impossible to come by nowadays.

What we all need now is for Sonic to bring back their gravy.

When a friend told me about Sonic's gravy, I didn't believe it. Surely, it was a mistake or one of those "at participating locations" situations. There has to be a way to get your hands on some of that country gravy.

I did some digging online, and the internet has been in an uproar for a few years over the removal of gravy from Sonic's offerings. From Reddit to, people everywhere cry out for their gravy and chicken strips.

To say that the gravy isn't loved or wanted is to simply bury your head in the sand. The consensus is that the gravy was fantastic and we need it back.

Thinking that these complaints were simply from areas where the gravy was no longer available, I crossed my fingers and decided to contact my favorite Sonic in town. I was in for two big surprises.

One, the individual I spoke with was incredibly nice. She made it sound like I hadn't pulled her away from anything more important than our conversation. It was customer service done right. Since she was being so nice, I didn't want to waste her time and got right to business.

I asked her if they still served gravy, and she said they didn't. Not surprising. Then, I asked if it was that way at Sonics everywhere, or if it was possibly at some locations and not others.

Surprise number two was when she said it was that way at Sonics everywhere.

The gravy was something I looked forward to growing up. It was the best part of the chicken strip meal. The trick for me was not using all of it on my fries or toast, and trying to save some for the chicken.

Please, Sonic, bring back the gravy. We all miss it. We all want it back. With the way the world is going, this is one small win that I feel like we all need.

Bring back the gravy.

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