There are so many diets out there. Low calorie.....Low Fat......Low do you know what to do? What to eat?

Apparently according to a recent study following low-carb diets can increase the risk of dying young.

Those low-carb diets tend to end up with you eating less healthy fruit, vegetables and grains....and you eat more meat! This can actually lead to a loss of nutrients.

The idea that all carbs should be cut out from your diet is just wrong. But remember that all carbs are not created equal.

Cutting all carbs out can leave you feeling tired and moody. That is because our brains rely on the glucose found in carbohydrates as fuel.

These carbs also affect how much serotonin we produce. Serotonin is the happy hormone. So if you end up cutting out all carbs you could find yourself on the down side.

Many foods that contain carbs, such as fruits and vegetables, are healthy and nutritious.

Low -carb diets that replace carbs with protein or fat are gaining in popularity as a way to lose weight.

So maybe stop eating all the bread but replace it with more plant-based fats to keep you alive longer. Replace that hamburger bun with romaine lettuce. It's pretty tasty. You can eat pasta.....just up your veggie intake. Balance it out!

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