The last time I had to change a tire on my car, took over 30 minutes. I drove a foreign car, which means there is a "special" tool needed to unlock the lug nuts. If you don't have it, you don't get the tires off. At all. Sometimes that tool is where it is supposed to be. Other times, it's wherever I threw in the car, so I could get on down the road.

Somebody or Somebodies must have a nice set of tools, because Amarillo car dealership employees are showing up to work, to find tires stolen off their display vehicles.

These thieves have some mad skills. They can take the tires off the vehicles without setting off car alarms. Amarillo Police have been to a couple of lots, where the thefts have taken place.

The "O" word is being used by APD, who think it might be "organized: crime members who come to the lots with all the correct tools and the skills to get in and out before anyone is the wiser.

Some of the victim dealerships are talking to each other, trying to find a way to stop this theft and the vandalism that goes with it.

If you know anything about these incidents, please call the Amarillo Police Department.

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