Can we all agree there is A LOT of road construction going on here in Amarillo? I know when it is all said and done we are going to love it.

It is getting to that point that is frustrating.

You never know if you should chance it to get on I-40 or just travel the back roads. Are we going to make it on time or get stuck in wall to wall traffic.

We see this uneven lanes signs all over right now. Yes, the roads have been resurfaced and it is nice. It is the entrance and exits from I-40 that can be a nightmare.

Roads in Amarillo

The one I am especially frustrated with is the entrance to I-40 from Bell heading east. If you don't hit the entrance just right....your tire actually hits the uneven part of the lane....and sounds like it does some major damage to your tire. Heck it may have. It is loud.

I really hope they fix that part of the road soon. I feel I am going to blow out my front passenger tire. I close my eyes (OK maybe not really) and hope for the best each and every time!

Have you noticed any other really rough spots here in Amarillo?

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