Many of us from Amarillo joke about it. I'm sure plenty of people from Canyon do too. One day, the few remaining empty plots of land will be gone, and Amarillo will merge with Canyon to become one massive metro on the high plains.

Joking aside, what are we going to call it once Amarillo and Canyon combine?

First, The Space Between Amarillo And Canyon Is Shrinking

Ask anyone who has been around for any real length of time in Amarillo. This city is expanding in every direction possible.

South Coulter is growing. South Soncy is growing. The further south you go, it seems the more new construction you see. From residential neighborhoods, to all kinds of businesses; there's constantly something new popping up south of town.

Slowly but surely, the space between Amarillo and Canyon is disappearing.

Truck Stops And Gas Stations

I remember a time when I had to be sure I got gas before I got home. If I didn't, there wouldn't be anywhere to stop until I got to Amarillo in the morning. Now? Nothing is further from the truth.

First, there was The Station by Eskimo Hut. I was overjoyed at the prospect of being able to get coffee and gas on my way into town. Plus, the place is nice and they have a pretty solid breakfast menu.

Today, it's all hustle and bustle where McCormick meets the highway.

Charlie Hardin
Charlie Hardin

Three years ago? Not even close. There was an Eskimo Hut where I stopped for beer on my way home, and a Dollar General. That was it.


Now, we have The Station and we have a CEFCO in the same neck of the woods. With the CEFCO, a Sonic came to the no-man's land between Canyon and Amarillo.

Charlie Hardin
Charlie Hardin

But it's not just gas stations and truck stops.

Name A Type Of Business. I Bet It's Out There.

You've got farm equipment, places to get tires, a marketing agency, escape room, mechanics, and more construction happening in the area. As you drive from Amarillo to Canyon, or Canyon to Amarillo, try taking in all of the signs you see along the service roads.

It's not just billboards. It's signage for storefronts. A lot of them.

So, What Do We Call A Merge Between Amarillo And Canyon

It won't be long, in the grand cosmic scheme of things, before Amarillo and Canyon become one giant metro. The question is, what will we call it?

I have some ideas:

  • Canyarillo
  • Amaranyon
  • Canamarillyon
  • Amacanillon
  • Canyamarillon
  • Amanyarillo

Personally, I like Amaranyon. Just think of it, the Amaranyon Sod Poodles. It rolls off the tongue nicely, and they'd both equally confuse outsiders.

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