Long lasting road "improvement" projects are nothing new in Amarillo. This is the first time I can remember, though, that a "lake" got caught up in those projects.

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In Case You Haven't Noticed, McDonald Lake Is Empty.

If for some reason your travels haven't taken you down Coulter just south of 45th, you probably haven't noticed that the body of water at John Stiff Memorial Park isn't there anymore.

Charlie Hardin
Charlie Hardin

The crater where it once was is still there. The water has disappeared...mostly.

It's odd driving by the park and seeing a giant divot circled by a walking trail.

Where Did The Water At John Stiff Park Go?

Oddly enough, it's been gone awhile. It was drained and the water went wherever it is that water goes when it's been evicted.

The important thing to know is that one day, eventually, it will be back. Hopefully you won't have to miss it for long.

Why Did They Drain The Water From McDonald Lake?

The same reason that 45th and Western is the bane of all commuters' existence for the moment. It's also the reason why there are sections of 34th and Coulter that magically sprout traffic cones seemingly overnight.


Charlie Hardin
Charlie Hardin

Namely, the pump and intake systems at McDonald Lake need repair and you can't do that with all that water laying around.

How Long Will We Be Able To See The Bottom Of McDonald Lake?

Supposedly, the project will be wrapped up in January. Hopefully the weather plays ball, and they'll be able to fill it back up sooner rather than later.

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