We are a week away from Black Friday.  You may already be plotting your shopping maps and timelines.  You'll be battling the crowds to get the best deals and the best products.  However, why fight the lines, why fight the crowds?  We have your chance to win some really great prizes that would make perfect Christmas gifts.  Check them out!

  • 1

    $500 Visa Gift Card

    It's almost as good as cash.  You can use this where ever you would use a credit card.

  • 2

    Kitchen Aid Mixer

    If you have that baker or chef in your life that loves to cook and make delicious desserts, this would make the perfect Christmas gift.  Let's be honest these things aren't cheap.  Enter now to win!

  • 3

    Trip to Arlington

    Getting away is half the fun of the holidays and we want to send you to Arlington.

    Bruce E. Maxwell Photography
  • 4

    $500 Amazon Gift Card

    You can find anything on Amazon.  I mean anything, and this would be the perfect present for just about anyone.

  • 5

    Nest Thermostat

    Do you have a heat miser in your life?  This might be the perfect gift.  It learns how you like to keep the temperature in your house and it adjust accordingly.