Honestly, who steals a tea delivery van that is wrapped and sticks out like a sore thumb? If you have the answer, it could be worth free tea for a year for you.

Someone stole the HTeaO van in Amarillo, and HTeaO wants answers.

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It's Unbelievable. An Amarillo HTeaO Van Has Been Stolen.

I'm no evil super villain. I'm the furthest thing from a mastermind as you'll ever find. Still, I can't imagine stealing a van like this is the work of some criminal genius.

Look at that thing. It's not the most conspicuous van that's ever existed. The dark background with the glasses of neon drink, the bright white outline of the Lone Star State, and big white lettering all make this ride stand out like headlights on a back road.

Free Tea For A Year For Info Leading To The Idiots Persons Responsible

If you should need some kind of motivation in the way of personal benefit to offer up information you may have (that was a mouthful), HTeaO is offering to sweeten the deal, no pun intended, with free tea for a whole year.

In Texas, they might as well put a million dollar bounty up. If there's one thing I've learned to love since I've moved to Texas is tea. Especially tea of the sweet variety. Free tea for a year is definitely going to get people looking.

It's not like it's going to be tough to spot if it's out roaming around.

Why, Oh Why, Would You Steal A Tea Van?

Outside of a disgruntled employee, this just doesn't make any sense. Sure they have pretty good tea. It's not like the back of that thing is fully stocked with a never ending supply.

Maybe the perpetrator thought there would be a supply of YETI products inside. I seriously doubt it there was.

Whatever the reason, not that it really matters, I do hope their van is found sooner rather than later and that the van is okay condition.

If you know of anything, you're urged to call 806-305-3331.

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