This has to be one of the strangest things I've seen on social media in a while. I stumbled across an update from Canyon ISD that was posted earlier today, with some great news. They got their van back.

That's right. Someone tried to make off with a CISD van. Insanity.

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Who Would Think Stealing A CISD Van Is A Good Idea?

Don't answer that. The answer should be no one. Obviously, that answer is wrong because someone thought that would work out.

While there aren't many details given in the social media update from CISD, we are given enough to realize just how crazy this situation became.

There's a lot in that post to unpack.

Someone Stole A CISD Van, And Got In A High Speed Chase?!

This is mind blowing for several reasons. One, how could you think you'd ever be able to get away with a CISD van? Spoiler alert, it's not the most inconspicuous vehicle on the road.

Someone is definitely going to notice a CISD van being somewhere that is nowhere near where it should be.

Two, why would you pick a van to get into a high speed chase in? Vans aren't really known for their "get up and go." The only get up and go most vans have is the kind that gets you up and going enough to pack up a bunch of kids or chatty adults...or both.

Hats Off To Everyone For Taking Quick Action To Get The Van Home

The suspect was nabbed, the high speed chase ended, and the van was recovered. Hats off to everyone for the quick action.

Also, per the announcement above, it sounds like nobody got injured while this insanity was taking place. That's great news as well.

Hopefully there's more info released soon.

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