One less worry this school year for the parents in Canyon Independent School District. The news is something that will make any parent rejoice. This was something offered last school year and it was a blessing for the families.

One less thing to make the mornings easier. You don't have to worry about making breakfast for the kiddos. Just drop them off at school. You don't even have to worry about making them a lunch. They will be taken care of. This is good news.

The money it will save your family. That money can be used elsewhere. The time it will save you at home too. That time can also be spent with your kiddos. This is certainly good news coming out of Canyon Independent School District.

Directly from the Canyon ISD Facebook page:

All Canyon ISD students are eligible to receive a meal at no cost for breakfast and lunch. This is available until further notice.

How long will this last? Nobody really knows. So take advantage of the time and money saved. Make sure you drop your kids off in time during your morning drive to work. Make sure you know the times that their school will be serving breakfast in their cafeteria. That really is all you need to do. Man again I really wished that this was a thing when I was going to school in the Canyon School District. This is one more thing that makes where we live so great.

And we grew up thinking there was no such thing as a free lunch. Well that certainly is not true. Oh and they are throwing in breakfast as well.

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