It hasn't been that long ago that the last of the Furr's locations in Amarillo closed its doors for good. It's a restaurant that always elicits an emotional response from those who loved and hated it.

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While I wasn't necessarily a fan of the food, I do have unique memories of the times that my family dragged me to Furr's.

Furr's At 2221 Soncy In Amarillo; Closed For Good, Somehow Still Not Forgotten

When you Google search Furr's Amarillo, you're greeted with the big red bar that says "Closed Permanently." While I wasn't the biggest fan of the food, I do have a lot of memories of going there on holidays to eat with my family.

We weren't the only ones. Thanksgiving and Christmas were always unbelievably busy.

Michael Rivera
Michael Rivera

Furr's Could Give You A Holiday Feast That Included Pizza And Tex-Mex.

While Furr's on Soncy was in business (the Wolflin Square location had been closed for some time over some issues with the Department of Environmental Health), you could almost count on my family to be there on either Thanksgiving or Christmas...sometimes both.

Mom would make all of these glorious plans for a big holiday meal, and then decide she didn't want to cook. Maybe it was a form of holiday depression, or just the sudden realization that she would actually have to do all of that cooking.

When that decision was made though, hi-ho-hi-ho it's off to Furr's we'd go.

I loathed it back then. Standing in line; trying to decide if I wanted Tex-Mex or pizza to go with my holiday meal.

No Matter How You Personally Felt About It, You Have To Admit People Loved Furr's

As much as I am not a fan of buffets in general, I am aware that a lot of people loved Furr's. Every time we went, the place was packed wall to wall.

They had their regulars. Standing in those long lines gave you enough time to hear who the hostess recognized and who was just a holiday tourist.

Buffets, Personal Economics, And The American Craving For More

The price was cheap enough, and there were no limits on the number of plates you could fill up. Every table had a mountain of dishes on it. It was a living picture of true, pure Americanism.

I suppose that's the allure of a buffet. No one cuts you off. There's always more for those who that can't seem to get enough. Your meal is as long or as short as you want it to be; all for a relatively affordable price.

No matter how you felt about it, everyone had an opinion about Furr's. Maybe that's its legacy.

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