Here we are all making out decisions on how we are going to handle Thanksgiving this year. Are we going to have a small dinner at our home with immediate family? Are we going to invite people over and have a gathering?

I usually order food from a restaurant and cook it day of and have family over. This year my daughter decided not to come to town because of our numbers. I mean she just started a new job after being unemployed through most of the pandemic. I get it.

There are options here in Amarillo and one that has been a mainstay for years is Thanksgiving at The Big Texan. They have a huge spread. It has always been served buffet style. So how is it going to change this year with the pandemic? Of course it has to change. It is understandable.

The good news is that they are not cancelling. I mean thousands of people take advantage of great Thanksgiving food every year at the Big Texan.

When you arrive at the Big Texan for your turkey meal know that you will first receive a pager. Then you will return to your car and wait for the pager to go off. When it does you are able to be sat inside the restaurant. This way they are avoiding the crowds waiting inside.

credit: Big Texan Facebook page
credit: Big Texan Facebook page

That will be the same process for those to-go orders too. This is the first year that they will be offering to-go meals so you can enjoy it in the comforts of your own home. They will also still be serving their Thanksgiving meal as a buffet but you will not be serving yourself. They want to limit the hands that touch the serving utensils. That all makes sense. So know that you can still head to the Big Texan for your glorious Thanksgiving meal. Just know that with limited seating capacity due to covid you may be waiting but they will make sure it is worth the wait.

They always do.

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