I do not understand the world today.  I'm trying to, but it seems it is just getting worse and worse each day.   I was heart broken to hear about Phoebe Jonchuck.  What would posses a father to throw his child over a bridge?  The little girl was laid to rest yesterday.  However, since then two horrific tragedies involving children have surfaced.

WARNING: The story ahead is gruesome and unfathomable.

A mother in San Antonio is in police custody after she allegedly decapitates and partially eats her 4-month old baby.

I understand this woman had a history of mental illness, however, if this woman was that sick, why would she have a tiny baby in her custody?

Then in another news story about a child.

A 3-year old was severely beaten and in the hospital after his mother's boyfriend beat him for allegedly eating the last piece of cheesecake.


I know what it is like to have a 3-year old. I'm sure the child didn't think he was doing anything wrong. He was eating something yummy. His injury included a dislocated vertebrae, a broken femur, and bruised lungs. Anthony Gulledge was arrested and is currently in jail and being held on a $210,000 bond. He claims he never hit the child.

As adults we are put in charge of raising our children. That includes making sure our children are around people that will not hurt them.

This just breaks my heart, I know the world is far from perfect, but more and more of the evil is against children. I don't know how we as individuals can help stop this craziness.

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