When you have kids or even, in my case, grandkids you know they need a lot of stuff. When my daughter was preparing for the birth of her first child she realized how much stuff this tiny baby was going to need.

She had a baby shower and of course people showered them with gifts but kids still need a lot of stuff throughout their lifetime. Oh and the clothes. I told my daughter that they grow out of those clothes so darn fast. So any chance you can buy nice stuff used, take the chance. I mean why not save money on all the baby and kids items when you can.

This is where this event comes in to play. I didn't even know this was a thing until earlier this summer when there was a sale. It's called "Just Between Friends" and it happens at the Amarillo Civic Center. Parents come together and sell their baby and children items that  just have not gotten enough use out of them. A great way for them to make a little money and for you to get something at a great cost.

I went twice to the one in June. It was great. I went on Thursday to buy some things I knew would go fast. Then my daughter came in town and we went to the half price sale on Saturday. We then were told another one was coming up in October. I knew her daughter would be born by then so a great chance to get her more of the stuff she needed.

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This is a great way to not break the bank for all the stuff that kids need. This is not just for babies. They have stuff for all kids. The sale is going on Thursday 9am - 6pm, Friday 9am - 6pm and the Saturday half price sale is from 7:30am - 2pm.

You can pay $3 at the door or do what I did and head HERE to print out your free tickets. I have my tickets ready to go. I am still planning on going twice and I can't wait. If you have kids this is something you need to check out.

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