The City of Amarillo put out a press release earlier today with some bad news for some of our neighbors. It seems that they might be having some issues with their water pressure for a bit.

Why is your water pressure bad in Amarillo? Here's why...

You Probably Live In The Area Around Sweetgum Lane In Amarillo, Texas

That's where the culprit is. According to the press release put out by the City of Amarillo, there's been a water main break near Sweetgum Lane.

The City is aware of the break, and dispatched crews that have been working to remedy the situation. Unfortunately, there are a couple of challenges that the crews are having to work around.

Challenges To The Repairs Of The Water Main Break

The press release did list a couple of issues that pose a bit of a problem to the repairs. One of the issues is the location. It's located under a storm drain. The other issue is age.

I'm guessing these issues are tricky enough that it might take a little time for a permanent fix to be made. The press release does state that there is no time frame for the permanent repairs.

Steps The City Has Taken, And Will Be Taking

The press release points out that despite the challenges facing crews working on the water main break, there are steps being taken to get water to those affected by the break.

First of all, they're isolating the break by installing valves. They're also putting in temporary service lines above ground. This is to get those residences affected by the break some water.

Also, Solid Waste is going to be relocating or possibly placing new dumpsters on Sweetgum Lane to make sure service isn't disrupted. So, if you find yourself wondering where that new dumpster came from...there you go.

This Is Why Your Water Pressure Is Weird

The press release also states that residents in that area may notice some weird fluctuations in their water pressure. So, that answers that question for you as well. That's why your shower isn't ripping your skin off anymore. The fluctuations might last until the permanent repairs are finished.

Lastly, it is pointed out that there is no boil order in effect. That's some pretty good news, I feel.

If you're needing more info, it's always perfectly acceptable to reach out to the city.

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