If you've ever been to Palo Duro Canyon, you've seen the area where you can ride a zip line. It was a staple of the landscape at the canyon as you drove into the park. Heavy emphasis on the was. Unfortunately, this thrill-seeker's delight at Palo Duro Canyon known as the Palo Duro Zip Line is permanently closed.

What Happened To The Zip Line At Palo Duro Canyon?

Zip lines are a blast. I'm a huge fan of heights and adrenaline rushes, and zip lines can be a pretty decent way to scratch both of those itches. The one at Palo Duro Canyon sounds like it used to be a highlight for a lot of people. When you look at the reviews on the zip, there were plenty of positive ones trumpeting its praises.

Then, disaster struck, and struck, and struck.

First, there was the fire. The fire caused a ton of damage to the main building at the Zip Line & Adventure Park. It couldn't have happened at a worse time, either. It was at the start of spring break in 2017. Spring break was one of the busiest times of the year for the zip line.

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Then, in June of the same year, an employee was injured while working at the zip line. Supposedly, the employee fell between 8 and 12 feet from a platform while working. Reports say she wasn't properly secured and fell while reaching for a customer. They also state she sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

In 2021 a storm ripped through the Zip Line & Adventure Park. It caused an insane amount of damage. There were a lot of families camping in the area when it hit, and reports at the time said that no one was injured.

A Dead Website And Silent Social Media Are What Remains Of Palo Duro Zip Line

As you read through reviews online, you start getting a picture that maybe parts of the zip line were in disrepair. Many mention the bridge you would walk across being in need of some TLC. There are also allegations of poor customer service and some even worried about safety standards.

When you go to the zip line's Facebook page, it's pretty quiet. There are a lot of posts about a new zip line that was going to be opening up in the Hill Country between San Antonio and Austin. There aren't any announcements about a permanent closure. If you go to the zip line's website, you're greeted with an error saying the page can't be found. Yelp and MapQuest (yes, that's still a thing) both have it listed as closed permanently.

I've scoured the internet looking for any news stories about the permanent closure of the zip line. All I was able to find were comment threads where people offered up a buffet of reasons, but I haven't been able to confirm any of them. No matter the reason, it looks like there are no high-flying antics to be had at the canyon.

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