Ever since moving to Amarillo, I've seen them around town. Every time you'd go into a Pak-A-Sak, they were there tempting you from behind a mini-fridge door. That is, until recently.

Will someone please tell me what is going on with Biti Pies in Amarillo?

The Cute Little Pies I Mistook For Decorations

I'll be honest. I didn't know they were edible the first time I saw them. I thought they were some kind of decorative candle or air freshener. Then someone asked me if I had ever tried one. A few confused moments later, and I was eating a buttermilk Biti Pie.

It was good. So, I had another.

A recent post on social media has me wondering what's going on with those tiny pies that I grew a soft-spot for.

Can You Still Find Them At Pak-A-Sak?

I've seen a couple of posts recently asking for help finding Biti Pies. I guess the usual go to spot for those pies was Pak-A-Sak. It seems that those in the market for miniature baked goods are having a hard time finding them there.

So, I decided to dig around and see what's going on. This is where the plot thickens.

A Link That Leads To No Where, And Silent Social Media

The social media has been silent since pretty much the end of 2018. That's Instagram and Twitter. I couldn't find a Facebook page. Their website doesn't list any products, locations, hours of operations. Not even a bio.

Their profile on Google says they're still open, though. It even gives hours of operation.

What is going on with Biti Pies? Have they scaled back? Are they focusing on something other than the pies?

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