A Chicago woman claims that she was fired from her job as a manager and server at the popular Northside Bar & Grill because she became pregnant.

She is now suing her former employer for discrimination.

Marzena Castillo says giving birth to son Eros was “supposed to be the best time of my life…and it wasn’t.” She contends that the very day she revealed her condition to her superiors, their working relationship went downhill and the environment became hostile.

Castillo says she was picked on and accused of things, and that she was called in for a talk, where her bosses suggested they were not pleased that she became pregnant. When Eros was born, she says she was subjected to disparaging comments about breastfeeding. She was then dismissed.

Exactly why she was fired is unclear and bar co-owner Cyril Landise refused to reveal why Castillo was no longer in his employ. Castillo has worked for the eatery twice since 2004, so the relationship was longstanding.

“I trained a girl Friday, Saturday night, Sunday morning. Monday I was off and Tuesday I was fired,” Castillo said. The reason was not disclosed to her, she says.

Her attorney said that people cannot be fired for discriminatory reasons, and stated that’s what happened to his client. Landise objected, telling CBS, “We would never fire anyone because they were pregnant and we didn’t. We support women who have families and continue to do so.”

Castillo certainly deserves to know why she was fired and what transgressions she committed in order to be dismissed from her job. It is certainly not fair to fire a woman because she is becoming a mother. However, until the bar owner’s come clean about why they axed her, it seems Castillo got the short end of the stick.


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