People will sue for just about anything these days.  However, is it OK to sue because of possible false advertising?  Do we as people assume that a make up won't last 24-hours but it would be awesome if it did?

Are we naive enough to believe everything we are told through advertising?  Take for instance the mother suing the makers of Nutella for not being healthy. You can take a bite of Nutella and know it is full of sugar and probably isn't healthy.

That's why I'm not sure how to feel about this woman who is suing Lancome because their 24-hour foundation doesn't stay on 24-hours.

A woman by the name of Rorie Weisberg, is a woman who follows the Orthodox Jewish faith.  Apparently in this faith the women are not allowed to put on make up on the Sabbath because it is a form of work. Their sabbath begins at sundown on Friday through sundown on Saturday night.

So Rorie went on a mission to find some make up that would last 24-hours.  She needed a make up that would last because of events that take place sometimes during the Sabbath.  She still wanted to look her best.


According to the source article from the New York Post:

Weisberg of upstate Monsey says the French luxury-cosmetics maker committed the sin of false advertising when it claimed that its new Teint Idole Ultra 24H provides a full day and night of “lasting perfection.”

The Manhattan federal-court filing accuses Lancome of violating New York business law through “deceptive acts and practices.”

I understand that the product promises 24-hour lasting protection, but in all honesty, did this woman really think that would happen?  I'm sure if she stayed up all night and didn't touch and rub her face it might last.  I'm guessing she slept during this 24-hour period and I'm guessing some of the make up came off on her pillow.

I could be wrong.  I also understand that a company shouldn't claim to have a product that lasts if it doesn't.

I know I wear a long lasting foundation and by noon it's off.  Maybe a more expensive product would work, but I'm not gonna pay $50 for a foundation.  Call me cheap but I would rather buy other things, but then again, applying make up doesn't defy my religious beliefs either.

I ran across a video from HSN about the foundation:

Here are a few other reviews:

You be the judge, do you think this woman has the right to sue over false advertising?


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