Texas is home to some pretty big world records. That's big in the literal sense. Everything in Texas is bigger, from the world's biggest belt buckle to the world's longest legs (female). A new world record is about to be attempted to hopefully bring another big title to Texas. This time, though, it's all in a name.

What's In A Name? Everything For This Texas Record Attempt

The city of Kyle, Texas has a fair coming up in May. It's the Kyle Fair, obviously. It's a three-day-long shindig that has everything you would expect to see at a fair. There will be a carnival, live music, fair food, competitions, and a gathering like none other. This gathering is what sets the fair apart, and is what will hopefully bring another record to Texas.

This gathering is the Gathering of the Kyles, in Kyle, Texas, at the Kyle Fair. They really like the name Kyle down there.

The Gathering Of The Kyles In Kyle, Texas 2024

The premise is simple. At the Kyle Fair, they are going to gather up as many people named Kyle as they possibly can. First names only. Middle names and last names, even nicknames, don't count. It also has to be spelled in the common way. No variations on the old K-Y-L-E format. Your first name has to match the town's.

The current record holder is a European city that managed to scrape together a crowd of 2,325 people named Ivan. At the last Gathering of the Kyles, they only managed to pull in around 1,500 people who had the most beloved name in Kyle, Texas.

Fingers crossed they can pull it off. I have all the faith in the world that they can. If there's one thing we can't get tired of in Texas it's having the world's biggest anything; and that includes gathering together people named Kyle.

The Gathering of the Kyles will take place on May 18 during this year's Kyle Fair.

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