We're all familiar with "Most Expensive Homes In Wherever" lists. They always show a massive estate overrun with swimming pools, wet bars, theaters, acres of land, and staircases. These are not those houses.

Here are the three cheapest homes to buy in Amarillo. That I could find, anyway.

801 S. Virginia St

Credit: Rockone Realty, Llc

Built in 1927, this charming little fixer-upper is the cheapest home available for sale in Amarillo, priced to sell at $32,500. This quaint 2 Bed 1 Bath home may not look like much on the outside, we can only guess at the inside. There are no photos of the inside of this home.

It may not have a/c, but you're going to love stepping back into yesteryear with the wall heater it is equipped with. It also has the original hardwood floors.

1305 Columbine St

Credit: Faith Dobson with Trustar Real Estate

Forget champagne wishes and caviar dreams. This house is pure Ritz Crackers and spray cheese.

Don't let the outside fool you. This house is all fixer-upper. If you're up to date on your shots and don't mind swinging a hammer, this house could be for you.

Built-in 1955, this home has 3 Beds and 1 Bath. This home is being called an investment. I think that's only if you're filming the sequel to "Money Pit."

It does have a nice screen door. Selling price is $34,000

829 N Seminole St

Credit: Mitzi Wade with Keller Williams Realty Amarillo

This gem is being hailed as an "investor special." Special is definitely the word for it.

This 2 Bed, 1 Bath home boasts three different types of wood interior. One of those might actually be wood.

It does have a carport that looks somewhat stable, at least it does in the photo. It also comes with a nice screen door. This quaint fixer-upper is priced at $35,000.