Could you imagine a world in which you only worked one day a week? How busy would that day be for you?

If you are looking for peace of mind for your mental health research has shown a 6 day weekend is the best for you. That doesn't really seem feasible does it?

According to a recent study out of England you are not getting any extra mental health benefits if you work more than one day a week. If you happened to work less than that well they would consider you jobless.

So what this study is actually saying is if you work less than one day and you are unemployed you are missing out. You are missing out of the mental health benefits you get from having a job. When you have a job you feel needed and productive.

The good news out of this whole study is even if one day of work is the best for us...guess what? It is not what we really want. When asked how many days a week we wanted to work the answer was not the same as researchers have determined. The best amount of work is three days which was said by 28% of the people in the survey.

Another 21% said a four day work week would be best. The traditional 5 day work week was chosen by 11% of us.

So even though a one day work week is best for our mental health, I don't think it really would be. We need the feeling of being productive oh and probably a bigger paycheck.


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