The Zombies' manager, Chris Tuthill, says his clients still hope to be part of Woodstock 50, despite the festival’s ongoing problems.

“We certainly intend to, as long as it moves forward, we’d like to be a part of it,” the manager said in a conversation with Pollstar.

The troubled music festival recently announced a new home, changing its location from upstate New York to Maryland after a series of permit issues with its originally planned venue. Several notable artists have already pulled out, including John Fogerty and Jay-Z. Acts who were initially part of the lineup are no longer contractually obligated to perform, meaning more withdrawals could be on the way. Still, Tuthill said the change was not a “deal-breaker” for his artists. “It’s a complication, but it’s doable. Just some logistics to sort out.”

While the manager admits his clients have already received a “solid payday,” he believes playing Woodstock 50 is about more than money. “It’s about being part of a special event that has a nice message and a legacy to it.”

The Zombies broke up in 1969, just months before the original Woodstock. The group, which was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame earlier this year, has a U.S. tour alongside Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys beginning at the end of August.

In the meantime, Tuthill insists the band will push forward with Woodstock 50. “We really have no reason not to,” the manager asserts. “It kind of harkens back to what they were trying to do 50 years ago ... stubbornly trying to pull something off despite the obstacles. I like that spirit.”

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