Mommy Blogger April B. – Fly Swappers
We bought some new fly swappers this week. The flies are maddening right now. Thus, the need for additional fly swappers. Seems my kids have a knack for swapping flies and they love to do it. More fly swappers were required to end the feuding over who gets to be the insect executioner.
Mommy Blogger Robyn L. – Back to School Tips From a Teacher
I saw a commercial where a mom sat in a silent house and said "This is what September sounds like." Yep. It's that time. Teachers and students are getting ready to go back to school. And while September doesn't sound anything like a quiet house to me, I am getting excited to start another …
Why Do Americans Care About the Royal Baby?
Yesterday, was a monumental day for England, let me reiterate, FOR ENGLAND.  The Royal Baby was born.  However, why do we as Americans care?  It was everywhere yesterday, it's all over morning news shows today.  Heck we, Mix 94.1, even got on the bandwagon with the Royal Baby was born and it was a b…
Mommy Blogger April B. – Moons Over Milk
It seems like I've written this exact line 105 times. Boys are a whole 'nother animal.
After I wrote just two short weeks ago about raising a husband, it seems I've got a long road to go before my little man resembles a gentleman, or from the way things are going this week, even a human. My sweet lit…
Mommy Blogger Robyn L. – Clutter Occasion
Being teachers allows my husband and me the opportunity to stay home with our kids during the summer and the holidays. We've often commented on how blessed we are that we get to spend so much time together as a family. It truly is wonderful. Well, except for one thing... The mess.

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