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Mommy Blogger April B -Favorite Spare Time Moments
One of my favorite things to do in my "spare time" (which is the time when I eat breakfast. Hey, it alters my mood if I think i have some actual free time) is catch up on my favorite mom reads. Books, blogs, magazines... Sometimes I'm hoping to glean some advice or parenting tips. But most…
Mommy Blogger Jess. C – All Grown Up
Last week my itty bitty sweet and innocent little angel went for her first job interview.  Uh, when did this little baby get told she could grow up?  She was just my baby, all sweet and perfect.
Mommy Blogger Jess C. – Spring Has Sprung
Last week we had some beautiful days, so we  packed up the kids when Daddy got home from work and off to the park we went.  It was so very nice.  The kids went to the playground, Daddy and Mommy went for a walk, and it was such a great time.
Mommy Blogger April B. – When it Rains
Ever feel like you're caught in a figurative monsoon? It has certainly been one of those weeks for me. Nothing that ice cream or a cupcake or a funny conversation with one of my kiddos can't fix. I've just found myself tripping over a bunch of messy odds and ends that were also tied u…
Mommy Blogger Dr. Leheska – The Happy Plate Lunch
This is the third week of the Happy Plate series in honor of National Nutrition Month “Eat Right, Your Way, Every Day” which encourages the development of a healthful eating plan that incorporates individual food choices and preferences. Click here to for more resources.
Mommy Blogger Jess C. – Sweet Shower Time
As a younger adult/teen, I never thought a shower would be so wonderful.  Sometimes as a parent the shower is my escape, my sweet quiet moment from the chaos of having 6 kids in a really small house.
Mommy Blogger Christy K. – Bullying
During Spring Break, one thing that I did manage to accomplish was crossing a few movies off of my watch list.  One of those happened to be the documentary "Bully".  If you haven’t seen this film, I would definitely recommend it.
Mommy Blogger April B. – Parenting Isn’t ‘One Size Fits All’
In the last couple of weeks, a particular viral Facebook post has been bugging me. If you're on Facebook, I'm sure it's crossed your newsfeed. You might've even shared it. It's the one that's an open letter to the mom sitting at the park playing on her iPhone while her kids do all sorts of cute thin…

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