Well we survived Blizzard 2013!  Some of us are still trapped in the house.  I am until my driveway is cleaned off, my car isn't going anywhere in the drift that has formed in front of the garage. I'll admit, I wan't prepared, I don't even have a snow shovel to do it myself, so I wait on the lovely people with the plow to come an handle my driveway.  I'm on a list.  So I digress, now that we have all this snow, what can we do with it?  Here are fun things to do in the snow.


Make a Snow Angel


Lori Crofford

Yes you will probably sink in to the snow because it is so deep but it will still be fun

Make a Snowman


Make an igloo

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If you don't have enough snow in your yard, I'm sure your neighbor will be more than happy to share

Make snow ice cream



Get a big bowl of clean snow, add a cup of milk at a time, A tsp of vanilla, and 1/2c sugar, mix and enjoy.  Adjust the milk, vanilla and sugar to the amount of snow you have.

It's yummy and tasty and the kids will love it.

Make Snow Taffy


Get the recipe here.