Here we are ending another year and 2011 was an amazing year for the Mix 94.1 website. Our new websites launched on January 24th and our on-air personalities became blogging personalities. We have covered some pretty interesting stuff over the last year. So here are the Top Ten Posts from 2011 on Mix 94.1.

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    A 17-Year Old Girl Accidentally Hangs Herself in a Haunted House

    Back during the Halloween season, a young girl was one of the actors in a Haunted House. Her scene was hanging by a noose in a shower. Unfortunately, she literally slipped and hung herself and no one noticed until later in the evening. She survived.

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    Spring Spheres, The PC Term for Easter Eggs

    The ridiculous name change heard round the world. A volunteer at a school in Seattle wanted to bring Easter Eggs for the kids, but the administration told her that if she did she could not call them Easter Eggs. She had to use the term "Spring Spheres."

    Ralph Orlowski/Getty Images
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    ABC Cancel All My Children and One Life To Live

    Soap Opera fans all around the world found out that they were losing their favorite day time shows. Due to rising costs ABC had no choice but to cancel the long running daytime dramas.

    Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images
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    Best Places in Amarillo for a Kid's Birthday

    If you have kids, then you know it is tough to come up with great ideas for your kids birthday and places to have the party. Here is a list of the best places in Amarillo to host a kid's birthday party.

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    Hanson's MMMHop! Beer

    The trio of brothers from the late 90's that gave us MMMBop! Have set out on another business adventure and have created a new beer called MMMHop!

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    Cookie the Laughing Penguin

    Sometimes we just need a good laugh and sometimes those laughs come from cute animal videos. Cookie has the cutest laugh. Check it out again and again.

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    News Reporter Robin Robinson Tells Viewers There Isn't Santa Claus

    Robin Robinson, started spewing crazy words like there isn't a Santa Claus over live TV on her news show. She did not take into consideration that young children could be watching the news with their parents. She might not believe in Santa but I do and I know he is real.

    Fox News Chicago
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    Two Kids Call 911 Looking for Santa

    A 6-year old and a 4-year old in Kingston, NY thought they could get a direct line to Santa by calling 911. The didn't get a call from Santa but they did get a visit from a police officer and a lesson on the proper usage of 911.

    flickr/lars plougmann
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    Teens Using Vodka and Tampons To Get Drunk

    Apparently teenagers have discovered a new way to get drunk quicker and it involves dipping a tampon in vodka.

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    No-Hit Piñatas

    Who would have thought something as small as a Piñata would make the Top Post of 2011. When I think of a Piñata I think of hitting it with a stick until it busts open and candy starts falling out like a waterfall. I guess some parents are being cautious and buying the Piñatas that just require you to pull a string. Hmmmm, where's the fun in that?

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