Weird Football Crafts and Gifts on Etsy
You know how I love Etsy.  I haven't really bought anything from Etsy, I just love to go onto the website and check out some of the really weird stuff that people sell.   Since, football season is here I thought I would check out some interesting football crafts and gifts on Etsy…
The Human Cabbage Patch Doll
I know when I post about Etsy it is usually the crazy stuff that people are selling.  However, here is something adorable that you can buy to turn your little one into a Cabbage Patch Doll.
Strange Easter Crafts and Decor on Etsy
I like to venture onto Etsy every now and then especially around the holidays just to see some of the interesting things they have available.  So since it is Easter I thought I would see some of the strangest Easter things Etsy has to offer.
Weird Presidential Art and Collectibles on Etsy
Etsy has become one of my new things.  I like to search their website to see if I can find the weirdest of the weird on some of their products.  Since this week we celebrated President's Day, I thought it would be fun to see some of the weirdest crafts and collectibles Etsy had to off…
Weirdest Zombie Collectibles on Etsy
Since "The Walking Dead" returns on Sunday, and "Warm Bodies" was number one at the box office, I thought it would be fun to go on Etsy to see what kind of strange zombie collectibles they offered.  Here is just a few of what I found.
10 Awesome Christmas Decorations from Etsy
Etsy is basically a place where all the crafty people of the world go to sell their awesome stuff. Particularly when the holiday season rolls around, Etsy is one of our go-to spots to snag one-of-a-kind presents. (But you can also get some rad Christmas decor for yourself there, too!)
10 Weirdest St. Patricks Crafts On Etsy
Come St. Patrick's Day everyone's Irish, and they all want to express their newfound ethnicity with goofy hats or at least some green gear. I found the ten most bizarre St. Patrick's Day crafts on Etsy that you'd only buy after a few pints o' Guinness...