Stephen King’s Fictional Towns In Maine
Fans of Stephen King are familiar with certain real life cities in Maine including; Bangor, Orono, Augusta (the State Capitol) and Portland. But through his books we've all been transported to some now famous 'fictional towns' in the 'Lumber State.'
Let's take a look at …
Everyone Needs A ‘Quiet Place.’ Where Is Yours?
The stress of work and life sometimes can get to the point where you need to just 'take a break' and get away from it all.
Just like Winnie the Pooh had his thinking spot, we should all have a 'quiet place.' That one location where we can just relax, unwind and shut the world out for a bit. It can re…
Rick’s ‘Lost Classics:’ Rick Pinette & Oak
Being born and raised on the East Coast, I was lucky enough to be exposed to some New England bands that had some regional success, but were unknown in pretty much the rest of the country. One of my favorites was a group that started out as 'Oak.'