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Mommy Blogger Jess C. – The Defeated Child
As a mom of six kids I obviously have a wide variety of attitudes and characters.  I can handle them all, except the defeated child.  I am sure most parents of large families have at least one, and I of course had to be normal.
Mommy Blogger Christy K. – Special Dietary Needs
I am sure that every mother has moments where she questions the choices that she makes for her children.  Are they in the best school for their needs?  Does he have the right pediatrician?  Does he need to be involved in more (or fewer) activities?  Is he getting all of the nutri…
Mommy Blogger April B. – What’s On Your Bucket List
All the mayhem this week has brought to our nation--and our state--has made me do some thinking about the fabled "bucket list." I then remembered I actually have a note on my phone entitled "bucket list." It's a work in progress. Only one thing has been crossed off (learn to make…
Mommy Blogger Jess C.- The Beauty and The Beast
Sunday I was on I-40 going through Arizona, and this time I fought for the chance to visit the Grand Canyon.  After convincing everyone in the car it was a need, we made the detour.  An hour later or so I was standing in front of such a beautiful site.   I cried.  I cried lo…
Mommy Blogger April B -Favorite Spare Time Moments
One of my favorite things to do in my "spare time" (which is the time when I eat breakfast. Hey, it alters my mood if I think i have some actual free time) is catch up on my favorite mom reads. Books, blogs, magazines... Sometimes I'm hoping to glean some advice or parenting tips. But most…
Mommy Blogger Jess. C – All Grown Up
Last week my itty bitty sweet and innocent little angel went for her first job interview.  Uh, when did this little baby get told she could grow up?  She was just my baby, all sweet and perfect.

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