The Dance Dash 5K – 2014 Rain Dance
The Dance Dash 5K took place this past Saturday and let's just say there was a lot of dancing in the rain.  Due to the massive rain that was falling on Saturday morning.  We didn't dash but we danced.
Weirdest/Coolest Vending Machines Around the World
So we all know the typical vending machine, the coke machine that charges 75¢ for a can, or the snack machine that steals your money and taunts you through the glass with your snack just hanging there waiting for the next customer to get a snack you paid for, those machines.  I have run across some …
Cute Bunny Eating Raspberries
Bunnies are cute cuddly little animals.  They make great pets plus they are so darn cute.  Raspberries are these cute, yummy fruit.  Put the bunny and the raspberries together and you get this awesome video.

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