It's getting close to that time of year. I love when the weather starts to cool, the leaves turns colors and the snow begins to fall. I really hope for some snow days this year.

Getting out and driving in the deep snow can prove to be a difficulty in Amarillo, but sitting in the house, drinking cider and enjoying movies as a family is a great way to spend most of the winter, if you asked me.

There is just something about the snow that is so serene and calming. It makes for great nostalgic days of digging snow tunnels and building lop-sided snowmen. This year has been predicted to be a very cold and snowy year. Now it's time to see if that prediction becomes a reality.

Here are some photos of recent years snowstorms that have either made for beautiful photos, or crippling driving conditions. For this year, be careful and enjoy the snow season!

Stuck In The Snow

One thing about Amarillo. If it snows, everyone feels like they have to get out in it. While it might be nice to get out in the snow, it can lead to accidents, getting stuck and a hefty tow-truck bill.

Rick Husband International Airport

This is from a storm that really let the airport have it. Crippling cold temperatures and high winds caused some serious damage to the airport entrance as well as other parts of RHI.

About To Make Some Money

Heavy snowfall might be a nuisance to those who have to get to and from work or get out to do some shopping, but to some people it means big money. When the snow falls, businesses still have to open. Those businesses need to allow for parking and that's where these guys come in.

Hurrying Home

This is the normal picture of people trying to beat the snow. The snowfall in Amarillo can come down really fast leaving people stuck in the middle of the road before they know it. Many times you'll see some businesses shut down early to allow employees the chance to beat the storm.

Connect Amarillo

Water Is Water

With the drought we have been under for the last few years, it's nice to get water (no matter what form it's in). You may not really notice that it makes a difference until springtime, but the more snow we get normally translates into green lawns come springtime.

News Channel 10

Highway Driving

Driving in the snow takes a certain type of person. Truckers normally have some true skill of navigating snowpacked roads simply because they drive across the entire country in some of the worst weather. For those of us who aren't the most skilled weather drivers, it might be the best idea to slow down and really focus. That, or just stay home.

News Channel 10

Watch Where You Park

The historic part of Amarillo has some really beautiful old trees, but during the winter they can prove to be a hazard. Especially when we have a big snow/freezing rain storm that piles up on these trees. They will split and end up in the streets, yards, roofs and even cars.

News Channel 10

Beautiful Days

It may be cold, windy and almost unbearable, but if you are willing to do a little searching, you can really get some breathtaking pictures. It's always a great site when you come across an undisturbed piece of natures beauty.

News Channel 10

The Local News

Keep in mind that if you are looking for up to the second weather updates, you need to watch the local news stations. While many people in today's age are glued to the cable news channels, those outlets aren't going to help you a bit when looking for the latest road conditions in your city.

News Channel 10

The Front Window Photo

This might be the safest photo you can take. From the safety and warmth of your own home. With a fire burning in the background and maybe a big pot of stew on the stove, that makes for the best photo opportunity in my mind.