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After a long evening trick-or-treating, get your kids tucked in and read them a book, here are a few books we found that is Halloween and Texas-themed! Check them out!

  • Trick or Treat in Texas: A Halloween Adventure In The Lone Star State

    An unexpected visitor arrives in town! But who is he? What is he? Where did he come from? Readers will learn the answers to all these questions as they watch the mysterious visitor travel through places they know and love in Texas! Come along and celebrate an unforgettable Halloween night! -

    Credit: Amazon Eric James and Karl West
  • A Halloween Scare in Texas (Prepare If You Dare)

    It's Halloween night, and creatures and critters from near and far are starting to gather outside the front door. And now here comes a whole army of monsters, on broomsticks, buses, and bikes, all clamoring in the darkness. What is it they want? Are they coming for you?

    This humorous, creative story is the perfect Halloween adventure for children and parents to share. -

  • The Spooky Express Texas

    In this thrilling read aloud, join the passengers of the Spooky Express for an exciting adventure that takes you across Texas! You'll work with witches, ghouls, ghosts, spiders, and more as you try to save Halloween! -

    Credit: Erik James, Amazon