Oh how I loved reading when I was a child. You would always find me in my room reading a good book. As I got into my teenage years that didn't change. I loved taking my weekly trip to the Canyon Library to pick out my next stack of books.

I still love reading now. I just don't have as much time as I used to. I hate that. I just got me the new book from Andrew McCarthy called "Brat, An 80's Story". So I still read when I can. I think if I wasn't shown all the benefits of reading as a child that the love for it wouldn't still be with me.

This is why reading to your child and getting them into reading is important for all children. This is where Storybridge here in Amarillo works on making that a reality. Helping to give children access to books. The more they learn to love to read the better off they will be in school. The better off they will be in life.

Inna Reznik
Inna Reznik

Here is a great way to clean out your child's room and also get something in return. How often do you go to their room and see the stack of books and think what can I do with them? There are probably a bunch they just don't read anymore. That happens. Well Storybridge at 905 S Taylor in Downtown Amarillo will gladly take them off your hands. In exchange they will let you child pick out a new to them book to bring home with them to enjoy.

This is happening this Saturday from 10am - 2pm. The books you donate will help Storybridge out this summer:

Come on in and help us fill our book boxes for summer events! Kids who bring in a box or bag of books can choose a new book from our Free Book Table.
9th and Taylor (905 S. Taylor) in downtown Amarillo. See you there!
HERE is where you can find out more great stuff that Storybridge is doing. So here is one of those moments you can clean out your child's room and also get a new book to help them with their love for reading.

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