Over the weekend seems like a great time to accomplish some tasks at your house. I bet your kids room could use a little tidying up. Do you ever look at their bookshelf and just know you need to get rid of some of them?

Their are probably books that they have outgrown but you don't want to throw them away. You don't know what to do with them. You are in luck. Take this weekend to box up the books that your kids no longer read.

On Monday when they are out of school anyway bring your kids and the books by United Supermarket on 45th.

credit: Storybridge
credit: Storybridge

Storybridge is collecting all of those books. Of course they will be put to great use. The books will be given to other kids here in Amarillo who could really use them. So you and your kids will be doing a lot of good. Heck let your kids feel really good by letting them haul that box and drop them off.

The book drive will be from noon until 4pm. You can grab a hot dog too while you are doing your good deed for the day. Not only that but Pete the Cat will be out there so you can get photos with your kids.

Let all your friends and neighbors know. Grab their books if they can't stop by. Storybridge wants to give the gift of literacy to Amarillo children. Your family can help in this process just by cleaning out your kids books that are no longer needed.

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