It's November and the Halloween season flew by us here in the Texas panhandle. Now, you have that old jack-o-lantern sitting on your front porch, so what do you do with it? The easiest answer is to just through it in the trash. But did you know, there are some pretty cool ways to ditch that old pumpkin that can help you and others out?

Smash It Up!

If you are lucky enough to not already have it done by the local kids down the street, have some fun with that old pumpkin. Take it out in the yard, or maybe in a empty spot behind your home, and smash it! Not only is it just plain fun, but you could even take out some stress by taking your aggression out on it. Just make sure you collect the scraps so you don't litter on someone else's property.

Use As A Garden Compost

You dump all you other organic items in your compost, so why not your old pumpkin? The easiest way to turn your old jack-o-lantern into compost for your garden is to chop it up and burry it around your plants. Make sure you remove any leftover seeds, however, unless you want a new pumpkin patch of your own next year.

Feed Your Furry Neighborhood Friends

Sooner or later, the wildlife in your neighborhood will find your pumpkin. If they haven't already made a meal of it on the porch, take it away from the house and leave it for them to enjoy. Pumpkins are a fruit and animals love to eat them. A good tip is to chop it up into smaller bite-size pieces for animals off all size to enjoy.

Bonus Idea

Contact the Amarillo Zoo and see if they would like your old pumpkin for their animals. Zoos across the country collect pumpkin donations for their animals to enjoy and play with.

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