There was a rally in Dallas this week to see the return of JFK Jr. and he was supposed to join former president Donald Trump in taking back the White House.

There's just one really, really, big problem.

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JFK Jr. died several years ago in a tragic plane crash along with his wife.

The JFK Jr. Rally In Dallas

I honestly didn't believe it happened. There's no way, right? Wrong. It took place.

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There were several, sev-er-al people in attendance at the rally. The crowd grew through the evening, all waiting for the event to happen.

What Was Supposed To Happen At The JFK Jr. Rally

To put it simply, JFK Jr. was supposed to appear and team up with former president Trump. Together they would reclaim the White House.

Reactions To The Texas JFK Jr. Rally

As you can probably expect, reactions to the entire thing were all over the place on Twitter and TikTok. Here's one that brings up another problem with the JFK Jr. theory. He was part of a political dynasty that was on the opposite side of the aisle from former president Trump.

@alma_dear #stitch with @nowthispolitics #trumplost#kennedy#jfk#jfkjr ♬ original sound - Alma Garcia

This one sums up how most people were probably feeling.

@heycanyouseemenow#stitch with @nowthispolitics #nowords #jfkjr #wtaf

♬ original sound - Hey! Can you see me now?

Of course, Twitter had to do what Twitter does. There was this...

...and there was this from a guy who spent the day covering the event (not a supporter)...

...and this one wins big awards for the D.B. Cooper reference.

Others resorted to classic memes to display their confusion... This TikToker is obviously concerned for the attendees...

@confessionsofsnarkaholic #stitch with @nowthispolitics #jfkjr ♬ original sound - Kellie M

Then there's this follow up to the whole event...

@hurricaneale #stitch with @brandystarc #jfkjr #jfkjrisdead ♬ Buttercup - Jack Stauber

And honestly, there probably wasn't a single person who had this on their 2021 bingo card...

More confusion...

Reports state that many waited for an awfully long time, but unfortunately for them things didn't go as they were supposed to. If you have family, or know of someone, who was hoping that this would come to pass, please check in on them.

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